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I know who with me if it do go right I got no license never been indicted and I ride [?] I came from shit nigga take your ice We really spin no DJ (On god), I'm in the game, EA (Yeah) Yeah, uh-huh (Hollo) (Ayy, Hollo, turn me up) Welcome to 4 Vegas, bitch (Glizzy, what you cookin’ up?) That body of work boasted 12 cuts and contributions from DaBaby, Blac Youngsta, Lil Baby, and Offset. On the rocks, no deep bay (Rocks) I'm in a booth with my Glock (Yeah) So many guns I'm playing GTA 4 The Thrill 5. Bitch, I'm (Gang, gang, nigga) Walk in the 4 Vegas spot (Fuck you, nigga) Uh, AK, ayy, nigga I love how that chopper sound (Uh) Stunna 4 Vegas – “Gangsta Party” [Music Video] Want more new music? Fuck nigga be four plus eight (Nigga) Trippin', he jumped off the porch too late I put blue hundreds on him, yeah, I'm havin' my way It get sticky, somebody block get yellow-taped (Doo-doo, bah) 4Risk Lyrics by Stunna 4 Vegas. [Chorus] … 7. Come drive an opp then it's back to the [?] Lil stunna get flyin like a pelican (On god) Instagram; Twitter; Menu; Home; Music Videos. [Verse 2] Gangsta Party Lyrics. He get stеpped on thinkin he gonna step to me (Go) 1,021 VIDEO MUSICALE. Choppa Town 4. TESTO - Stunna 4 Vegas - Gangsta Party. Welcome To 4 Vegas Stunna 4 Vegas. These niggas sweet like cheesecake (No cap) We really spin no DJ (On god), I'm in the game, EA (Yeah) I done made it through that jungle like I’m Tarzan He play, give a take Bitch, I keep the Drac’ like it’s “God’s Plan” Scrape ’em off the plate My killa run down with that bang (Come here) BitchBig dawg, I’m a dog I get head from the ho when I know [?] [CDATA[ Stunna 4 Vegas - Gangsta Party (Official Music Video) We cannot load the video because your browser does not support JavaScript. Log into your account This a gangsta party, bring a stick (baow) Neat freak, she clean up the dick (she clean up the dick) E-eat, she suckin’ the clique (e-eater) Street sweep, we floodin’ your strip (boom) Chief Keef, I bang in this bitch (I bang in this bitch) I let my nuts hang in this bitch (uh huh) Know I got gang and I … //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. Drake Lyrics. Sign up for Deezer and listen to Gangsta Party by Stunna 4 Vegas and 56 million more tracks. Stunna 4 Vegas – Gangsta Party. TESTO - Stunna 4 Vegas - Gangsta Party. December 29, 2020 "http":"https";t.getElementById(r)||(n=t.createElement(e),,n.src=i+"://",s.parentNode.insertBefore(n,s))}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); So many guns I'm playing GTA “Gangsta Party” è una canzone di Stunna 4 Vegas. Swangin that white rice (Huh) Bring me that pack kimbo slice (Pack out) (You know the vibes is—) Bang! Pull up and shoot block (Shoot) Follow @genius on Twitter for updates Quotable Lyrics: Gangsta Party - Stunna 4 Vegas. پخش آنلاین به همراه متن و لینک دانلود برای آهنگ Gangsta Party از STUNNA 4 VEGAS که در سال 2020 منتشر شده.ژانر آهنگ Hip Hop , Rap می باشد His big debut, BIG 4X, made landfall the prior year. 6. Lyrics from Snippets (You know the vibes is—) Bang! Breath smoking' moon rocks (Yeah) Gangsta Party - Stunna 4 Vegas - #trending #pop #dj #musicstreaming #music #video #indie #artist #hiphop #rap Stunna 4 Vegas lyrics, Stunna 4 Vegas discography sorted by album. O.Gs. way (Huh) Rich Off Words 9. Stunna 4 Vegas - Gangsta Party | Watch the official music video for Stunna 4 Vegas - Gangsta Party and read the lyrics | Watch the latest videos at all MUSIC VIDZ. MIZIKING | Stunna 4 Vegas - Gangsta Party (Official Music Video) | Hip Hop I told all my jits to play they part (Gang) We zipped his mans and took his heart (4 times) These F&N's gon' park the car (Boom) My whip don't need no key to start (Boom) I'm taking shit off when the time right (Huh) Vai alla Traduzione. Decked out in confetti and balloons, the rapper turns up with gun-toting hillbillies, grannies, red necks, and a vato. ], Yeah I need a bitch like [?] Under the direction of DaBaby, the celebratory clip finds Stunna at house party full of old folks. Stunna 4 Vegas – Gangsta Party (Official Music Video) Views: 262,573. Stack a rack, go get your manager (Bitch) Come drive an opp then it's back to the [?] with your lil thotty (Huh) //

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