stairs without skirt board

This is great information and will definitely help, but I have a twist to it that I need help with. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. I am using 8″ baseboard at the top and the bottom if this matters. If you do that and are a reasonably experienced carpenter you’ll experience the same thing. As a side note, I used a Forstner bit of a diameter just under the radius of my nosings to remove the bulk of the material, then cleaned them up with a coping saw and rasp. But as a DIYer I’m not really sure how to hold that board in order to make the cut. My margin for error is always in the nosing. For the first time scribing a skirt if everything isn’t perfect, it will be when you reinstall the carpet. Tony, Length options are 12' or 16', with both being 3/4” thick and 11 1/4” high. It keeps it’s point all day. Hope this is a help. If it does my concern would be it the skirt is stain grade that there might be some minor splintering on the finished side of the skirt. We manufacturer over 150 different skirt & trim boards. Now I understand!! But going to give this method a go, as from a google search, this will look much better and is more conventional. You’re done! To read PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher. Hey Norm, I found this article very helpful. There’s usually more than one effective way to do most tasks. That’s the purpose of the magazine! Freddy, (400 per stair case). (I’m attaching pics of the stairs that I’m remodeling. 124k 67 67 gold badges 290 290 silver badges 564 564 bronze badges. I’m pretty stuck on this method and am a finished carpenter. Typically I would move the newel post slightly to the right so if the stairs were carpeted the carpet would die into the newel and not stick out past. At many lumber yards you can get a cap that matches the top of the base. It will help your scribed lines to show up better and be easier to follow when you cut. The skirt is basically a piece of trim used to cover the structural section of the stairs. Always fear failure. You will have to scribe both pieces separately (I think) and then using registration marks, cut and join them together. This is useful if you need a narrower width for your skirting, such as 5/8” or 1/2″. 2. Place the skirt against the wall, with the cut end flush against the floor. If I were in your situation and this is a one time event rather than learning how to scribe skirt boards I’d probably install the skirt first and then butt the treads to it. I think 1×12 x16′ would work for your job but not positive. I may clear up some of the confusion. I’ve seen many skirtboards terminate at a “plinth” block at the top and bottom, but, in my opinion, it doesn’t look nearly as good as the cap continuing at the top and bottom of the skirtboard. It’s job was to follow any irregularities of the floor and account for any shrinkage of the floor assembly. The dimensions should be no less than 9-1/2” wide because the skirt must sit at least 1-1/2” above the nosing of the stairs. Check him out, it will be worth the effort. I’ll try to answer any additional questions you have. You'll notice that both options on the skirt boards found here are significantly reduced in price for a healthy discount. Norm… you have made it possible for me to support these guys more than I normally do. Glad the article has been an encouragement for you. Does the silky cut on the pull stroke ? I always use a 12” board. It’s not the perfect method for every installation, but for some jobs, it’s efficient and workmanlike! For enjoyment, Norm works on his home, does smaller construction jobs, serves in his local church, reads, and works on the homes of his three daughters. Thanks to Gary Katz for telling me I should subscribe to JLC, and without attending one of his roadshows I would not have been introduced to TIC either. Next, change the brad point from the riser to the unit run dimension (or a little more). I have installed the “retro” treads and risers over existing stairs. on top of two of the stair nosings. L.J. I’ve never installed a scribed skirt board on a curved section of stairs. Apparently, the framers never heard of spacing the stringer away from the wall with a 2×4 allowing room for the sheetrock and skirt. That means you don’t want to mess it up because you’ll be seeing the flaws in your work for many years to come, along with anyone else who spends time in your house. The scribing process resolves all the inconsistencies regardless of the different riser & tread sizes. Vu, This avoids the time consuming round cuts which is where your greatest chance for error lies. Would it be better to install the skirt first and then the treads on afterward flushed to the side skirts? The thing I learned at Williamson probably more than any other was the importance of understanding the “why” of what you were doing and not just the “how”. hopefully i will have a picture to send you soon ???? dunno. :). You will have to add a piece to the top of the skirt board to do that. When you set your countertop on the base cabinets you line up the front edge parallel with the face of the base cabinet top rails, push the top against the wall and set your scriber distance to the furtherest distance that the top will have to reach in order that the entire length of the top will fit after you’ve cut it. In no way an I trying to be condescending. He had the heart and the ability to look into your eye and know whether you were comprehnding what he was saying. You’d have to cut a vertical or plumb cut on the bottom ends first and then tack to the wall. We were planning on sanding and painting the stair skirt board. Todd Murdock did all the Sketchup Drawings and the font he uses is: ArchiTxt. But in the figures you show, it looks like you use that rise marker (and run marker later) on each step. Then set the scriber width from the i/s edge of the trim board to the deepest indentation of the stone. What a joy to use, and yes in just such an application. Local Hero, Would that work? Yeah…nothing like a good illustration! Vu, The skirt projecting above your top step should be cut vertically to match the height of your existing trim if that is the look you’d like. I did everything described, but it didn’t fit so well. they are funded entirely by charitable donations. It caused a week’s delay but the truss manufacturer visited the jobsite and concurred that his trusses were incorrect. By that I mean, rip down some cardboard to 11&1/4″ and make a trial run. I’ve been following this article for some time and love this method finding it very efficient. The material easiest/least costly material to come by is pine but I’ve cut skirt boards out of oak and poplar as well. My Silkies have changed the way I work just as has my Festool collection (which is still quite modest). They learned the business from their father who was a tradesman. You don’t have to scribe after the “bottom piece” is in place. At the bottom of the skirt board the base cap can miter down to the floor and around the newel posts. It’s important that the top edge of your board is straight. I believe the newel should be notched out and extend down the wall so the skirt and return nosing dies into it, instead of the skirt dying into the wall finish and the newel dying onto the top tread. Regarding where to end the skirt at the landing my 1st preference would be to install the skirt so it continues to rise above the nosing until it reaches the height of the baseboard. Follow the instructions exactly and you’ll have success. Norm, Very time sensitive, as I was just looking at our stairs which lead to the rec room and wondering how best to tackle it. Kerry, Everyone wins. In years gone by, the finish stairs were often one of the last tasks to be performed, after the finish wall materials were already in place, making it impossible to get to the back side of the skirt. However, it quickly dawned on me that it will not work as my job has a door at the top of the stairway. Other pressed board, such as plywood, also works when the veneer is used on the exposed edge. In SC, the standard, by-and-large, has been: site-built stairs with strings installed by the framer, and the finish stairs installed by the trim carpenter or stair builder who comes in after the fact. Benjamin, Lay your 2x4 flat on the stairway and slide it over tight to the wall. It brought back nostalgic memories. I love the detail you have provided here. If you’ve come this far you’ve certainly got the skill to do that. Start on the first riser line and cut every riser on the plumb line, working up the flight. Great article and a new approach for me. Thank you David, very nice looking work. L.J Smith is the leading manufacturer of skirt & trim boards. I’m debating whether I should install the treads and risers first and then the skirts, or do the skirts and then the risers and treads. You can use boards to construct a wall around the bottom of your deck. Try it with a piece of 1/4 ” plywd ripped to 11&1/4″ or a piece of cardboard from a large box. What If I cut the board where it butts up against door upstairs, scribe the treads, cut the bottom off to touch the floor, this would drop the board and the face that was butting against the door would not butt against the top riser. I am not sure if everything is the same just using flexible baseboard or what. Hi Norm, Given the choice, the tools, and the right situation, I would prefer to rout the risers and treads into the finished skirt, then glue, wedge, and fasten them from the underside. However, it may be difficult to find a wide piece of MDF board for stair skirting, so you may have to order it and wait. Thank you so much and god bless you! But I noticed before the cut. Oh yeah, that was my dad. You can even install your stairs fully as long as you leave a 3/4” gap between the stairs and wall, which makes for an even easier install. Well Norm… thanks for taking the time to answer the call from Gary and write the article! Norm, I’m reading this, starting a stair project this week and this is info is really helpful, my last comment was not posted, but thanks again! Why? It’s the 8th house he’s built and lived in, not including the 3 renovations before the first house. After the triangle is removed I cut the straight portion of the bottom of the nosing overhang with my handsaw, or jigsaw. That will give you enough skirt to have a minimum of 1-2′ over the nosings and should be enough to account for any irregularities in the rise & run of the existing stairs. Your project looks great !. I don’t think a 1×8 will be quite enough but what I’ve described will tell you for sure. 2) I can’t seem to find info on the finishing. Love to see a picture. If you have the desire and reasonable skill I believe you can do this. Rob, Tester101. Aug 14, 2017 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Therefore, you may find it more aesthetically pleasing to use a narrower floor level skirt board rather than a full 12” wide that matches the stair skirtboards. Tom, I laid everything out full scale on the floor slab. It’s the same with scribing skirt boards. MDF and softwood are ideal for painting, while hardwood can be finished to match hardwood stair treads. In your case you only get one try unless you’re willing to invest in new material if your final product doesn’t satisfy you. I had to teach this to my framers. It makes the job look like it was well thought out. Especially if there is variance in the tread heights? You can try it “on the cheap”. Snap the line on the wall so that the top edge of the skirt can slide along the line and not contact a high nosing. I guess I missed the part where you said to set your scribe for the highest riser. Hi Norm, Josh, Regarding whether to install the skirts first you have a situation where you could scribe the skirts step by step as per the article. A finished skirt board on a flight of stairs is one of those tasks in finish carpentry that remains in prominent view, always open to critique. That way you don’t waste a board trying to make the first perfect cut and with one oops, a $70 1x12x16 is trash. You do not have to reposition the scribe point for each level. Thank you for the shooting board suggestion. You say to set it to the largest rise and run (okay, I understand that). My stairs were originally carpeted – which means the bottom step is approximately 1″ lower than the rest of my steps. On the treads (and risers) my intention is to make a simple jig out of 3 pieces of one by. Norm, i got to tell you when i said above about measuring .i only measure one tread and rise and use that to layout the rest with a pitch block or square. I would really like to learn more about the technique of routing in treads and risers. I was considering temporarily mounting some small lengths of 2×6 on the wall that the uncut skirt board can be attached. I’m ok with a jigsaw and am afraid of the round cuts for the nosing referred to in your article. The biggest reason is that the 2″ fir risers are certainly going to shrink away from a scribed or housed stringer. I just don’t want to finish it and then have a hard edge on the top that I can’t find an easy way to finish it off. If you have carpeted steps I believe both methods will get it done on the first try. That’s tough to do if you use a piece of 2x as a template, and draw lines with a 1/4 in. I am a bit sad about it to be honest but would hate to spend the money to try to do the trim board on top of the steps for it not to look good. fortunately the next job got delayed so I had the time, and the client wasn’t living in the place yet. Rip down some corrugated cardboard to 11&1/4″ and use that for your skirt. Nishi. Shim the skirt board to the stringer/rough tread and your done. That could be a jig saw or handsaw. Whenever I installed a newel as shown on the right side top of stairs I always got the newels with the longer bottom sections. They did everything from the footings to the roof, excluding the utilities. Thank you Gary, From what I see in your pictures you’re going to do a good job in whatever you do. DIY projects tend to take a little at my place. Excellent article Norm. should I have used 8″ instead of 7 11/16″? Best wishes. I assume that when you say you “hold the teachings of those who went before close to your chest” that you revere the knowledge and talents of master tradesmen. I’ve built two sets of deck stairs since I found this site, and I used story poles to nail the riser heights to near an eighth inch of variance. From all I’ve seen for stair remodels, the treads look like they’re pretty flushed to the walls (or skirts) on the ends. I had to work with three panels for each side and butt the panels together along with the stair tread rise, runs, and nosings The treads will not shrink enough in the length direction to make a difference. At the time Don (“Boss” to his students) was 36 years old and, after graduating from Williamson himself in 1953, went to work for a large millwork company. For example, because saw-toothed skirt boards have a large percentage of the board notched out at the open treads, the look is not as heavy. I’ve attached a new image that I think shows what you are talking about. Norm, As I mention in the article I’ve installed 100’s that were built that way. SDS. Subsequently I “think” I now know what is wrong, but I haven’t had a chance to prove it to myself. my stairs have been without a skirt for 6 months now and thanks to you i am diving in ! Answer + 14. You’ll need a router or have a steady hand with a coping saw to make it look nice. I’m going to be attempting this task on my townhouse stairs soon (which include a ‘switchback’) — I’ll be sure to do some practice runs with a bunch of old mdf I’ve got lying around (thank goodness), but could you clarify something for me? At least the nosing that overhangs the riser. But these days, when you’re installing stringers on 12″ centers for some decking products, getting them all within 1/8 in. I appreciate your prompt reply, I found some helpful articles and I will keep these new ideas ready for the next go round. Incidentally, instead of scribing, try this method I gleaned from stone installers: Really an awesome article! Hope this helps. I understand that there may be different ways to achieve a good result. last week another stair skirt job came up, ok, this time it’s on hardwood flooring that the owner had installed on the stairs. Remove the triangular piece as you go. You said “can’t you use a pencil “ ? What’s left is plywood treads and risers. The skirt is slopped up with old paint and looks bad. If you are working with an existing set of stairs your options are limited without rebuilding the stairs. When I went on my own in the early 80’s we did many basement renovations where we had to make the existing stairs look good. “Ya gotta be fifty to work here” the foreman informed me. Same principle as fitting a large inset widowsill. I’m excited to think of what the future will bring for you and TiC. Shadow gaps may be on trend, but the trusty skirting board is still a popular choice. Versatile all-white color matches practically any deck. First, I snapped a diagonal chalkline at the angle of the stair. Always. I’ve done this at least 50 times. I am not a “stairbuilder” in a league with yourself and the many others who write, post and comment in JLC and the forums. The deal was that if, after the skirt board was installed, the skeptic could slip the $20 bill into any of the joints, he’d win the $20. That slows the cutting but increases the accuracy. Install the treads first and leave 1/8 expansion gaps on the ends and then cover that up with the skirt? Any variation in tread height and depth will be transferred directly to the skirt board automatically. Norm. Thank you for these instructions. When scribing a skirt board with the method in the article it doesn’t matter if the heights and depths (rise and run) vary. One foreman would roll up the prints each time you’d get close. Yes, all of us at TiC—in fact the whole community of authors, editors, and readers—hope that more carpenters will join our effort to save techniques like this one so they aren’t lost to the next generation of carpenters. You can lay it ou, cut it with a utility knife and see how it goes. If you scribe the skirt carefully and cut accurately in my opinion there’s no need. In a recent remodel, Forrest McCanless, had to put in a skirtboard the hard way—with the treads and risers already in place. Scribing is scribing. Todd desrves all the credit for the outstanding graphics he created out of chicken scratch. My apologies. In the stairs you reference the stairs were not built correctly. so no education is free :D, Ok time moves on…. If you don’t you’ll end up with a missing triangle section of skirt where riser and tread meet. It’s kind of the same principle when you use a pointed scriber to follow the irregularities of whatever you are trying to fit a board ,countertop, etc. Happy scribing! Thanks for the quick reply! Placing the quarter round around the entire profile of the stairs is difficult as you’d have to make awkward cuts around the tread nosing. or something else that I don’t see. The top & bottom newels should be located so that the handrail dies into the center of them with the ballusters plumb and the bottom o/s edge of the baluster in line with the i/s edge of the bullnose return. Using a newel with a wider base allows it to extend down through the skirt and definitely creates a more visually appealing transition. by 11-in. Over the years, this has been a great technique to know! I put the skirt board in place, then used a 3/4 stick as a spacer, and scribed from that. Norm Yeager, A carpenter friend send me this link with a note how well this worked when he cut a skirt board this weekend. A stair skirt is a finish piece of carpentry. Lindsey, Some home reno stores offer oak project pieces, but it’s doubtful you’ll find a piece of hardwood skirting that will be long enough for your stairs. Thank you sir for the tutorial I shall post pictures after I finish the current project… a cherry slab farm table and matching chairs/ bench. Install … This would be it. LOL client is happy with my bid I guess, I got the job! Kindly, All the truss shop drawings were sent to the job for approval. Brilliant article. I’d have used large dividers, but the bored stick and pins yield more consistent and accurate results. Pat, This line gets cut with a circular saw. I am wondering how to go about cutting the stairs skirt when there is an entryway wall protruding out on the bottom of the stairs. The stairs were stain-grade yellow pine, so putty and paint wasn’t an option. It looks outstanding. The only thing you wouldn’t be doing is cutting the skirt for the nosing. So I followed your directions and after scribing the treads and having marked the angle of the board for realignment and then cutting off the bottom tread mark (which is actually the floor) and aligning the board back on the wall the two top tread scribe marks didn’t line up. I have attached an image of the curved portion with skirting. It read “don’t teach the tricks of the trade, teach the trade”. Again, it’s important to hold the scriber level as you work your way up the flight. Thank you for the kind words. I never saw the stair Genie tool until today. An alternative method, what the article describes, is to install the risers and treads and then scribe the skirts over them. I used some popsicle sticks and super glue to make a template. Use as deck trim, stair raisers and deck skirts for a long-lasting, beautifully finished look. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll get quick and accurate. (or you could just lay a 4′ level on the nosings, mark your line on the top of it and measure from that line). You could also make your skirt board higher and use the skirt as the trim, connecting to the trim at the top and bottom of your stairs. I don’t recall a problem with any of them. We went back and forth a few times and his spirit was one of wanting to get it perfect. That was quite a heritage for a young man like me who had no background building whatsoever to be exposed to. It was a really “fun” project that turned out much better than I had anticipated – thanks for a great article! It seems as though the rest of the fits would be easier to deal with than the stairs. Or as close as one can get, the riser height varied by close to 5/8″. Thanks for the kind words. Attaching baseboards to stairs can be tricky; therefore, be certain of the lengths and measurements before you cut the actual baseboards.” Source: How To Install Baseboards On Wood Stairs. When I saw your name I remembered you well. What’s going on?? Please tell me I am wrong and explain how this is compensated for. Skirtboards can be used to hide the edge of exposed risers or installed on the inside wall of a stair. Typically treads are 1″ thick. Don took over teaching at Williamson from Mr. Heckler who taught there for over 35 years and was himself a Williamson graduate. Shadow gaps may be on trend, but the trusty skirting board is still a popular choice. In this case we used a 1/2" thick piece of base trim. From the baseboard to the railing molding, there are countless areas in which to show off your aesthetic panache. Any appliance store should be able to get you a refrigerator box. Cut the bottom of your skirt board to achieve the desired look and height, depending on how you want to transition your trim from the skirting board to the landing. Norm- Thanks, very nice article. Great article Norm. Instead, place the quarter round under the tread lip down the riser and on the tread. crosscut saws and 5 or 6 pt. Ray, Thanks again! I don’t have a ready answer, but, here is what I would do. I’m not saying this is the case but often when a company leaves it’s historical roots and is run by the “number crunchers” the building details aren’t as important as the efficiency/bottom line. A skirt board will add a lot to your stairs. FWIW I think it will look much better to install a base cap on top of the skirt board and not the whole piece of baseboard. It all worked out perfect in the end. If I’m not careful that could make me envious ! I may have read it wrong, (I think Jim meant “close to the heart”), but sharing of knowledge is your one sure ticket to immortality. If you opt for no skirting, you run the risk of an awkward transition between your existing home baseboard trim on either end of the stairs. You start over again with the material that didn’t cost anything but time to begin with. Fortunately, I get to do it again. Attempting a link here, I hope this works It also helps when the stairs are particularly uneven that you leave only about 1&1/4 ” above the tips of the nosings so you can “spring” the skirt into place. There was gaps to this procedure that eluded me and I just kind of wonder why. I’ve templated many things. From my reccollection the current Toll Bros, Bruce and Robert are an attorney and an accountant respectively. Overlap and hot melt them together on the flat to make a full size template along the wall. The blue tape is a good idea. Good article, my grandfather taught me this method 12 years ago but he called it the two stick method and had separate sticks for rise and run. Installation Instructions . What you’re doing is making a template that you could “fiddle with” until it’s perfect and once achieved take it and transfer the profile to the finished skirt board. Then raise the skirt board twice the height above the stair before scribing? Typically the dadoes are tapered on the underside of the tread and the back side of the risers then shimmed and glued into place. Or at least I do! Regarding the coping vs cutting the nosing, I’ve elected to attempt the cutting due to 2 fairly new tools (in the grand scheme of things), these are the Multi Max, and the 0 clearance Dremel Saw Max. I had not considered running just a baseboard cap though. Hey, this is Nate Metcalf one of your students from BJU. I cannot help but smile a bit at the thought of how it will look. Every time the results have been the same. When you combine the right theory plus the experience you get the most efficiency. I don’t know what you have planned for the top of the skirt board. The closer the skirt is to the wall/tread/riser intersection the better because that’s where the joint has to fit it’s best. What a beautiful job ! A skilled carpenter will be able to do a good job but like most things in life experience counts. I would definitely remove the carpet if it’s an option without ruining it. We converted from carpet to oak treads and risers. I’ve installed carbonized bamboo retro treads already and am ready to start scribing the skirts. I’m concerned that it will be to difficult to cut for the nosing out of the skirt. Nice to see another “Norm” doing good work! In both instances you’re working with hard surfaces. I think the coping saw is ror accurate. But hey, whatever works for you. I have not been able to find anyone that could help or wanted to help. Game on! Thank you! See more ideas about stairs skirting, staircase, diy stairs. Don Zepp was the best. It’s the same principle when you scribe a piece of stock to an irregular surface. This allows you to avoid cutting around existing stairs while giving the appearance of a skirt, but without an actual skirtboard. Enough to give an even reveal of the skirt around the stairs, and still leave enough room for the baseboard to make the end corner. Just from looking at the picture it’s difficult to say what the problem is. We would lay out rafters, stringers, skirtboards, wall plates, a shop setting. Gary. Maybe I can practice on my own stairs…might might my wife happy…or not. I look forward to hearing how you do on your first skirt scribing job. The instructor then asked the fellow if he had a $20 bill. I appreciate your honesty and I guess I will have to forgo this project as the expensive part – removing and replacing the new carpeting, and then installing the treads as described is not an option. It was closer but still no screamin heck. Different strokes for different folks. Precutting as i mentioned is really only an advantage on short runs. Click here to download it for free from Adobe's site. Simple and clever, the way carpentry should always be. I’ll use a jig for the templates, dry fit, pre-stain them, and then use PL adhesive + nail gun for installation. Sorry, kids, but this is one profession where reverse age discrimination is prevalent. I have to install stair skirting on box stairs ending at a doorway. If they are in a house under construction I would point out the mistake to the contractor and have the stairs fixed before you become a part of the problem. One of the primary advantages to scribing over top of the treads/risers is that you are not staring into the joints when you climb the stairs. Norm, You didn’t say what type of saw you use to make your final cuts, though I’m guessing a nice sharp handsaw. Exactly, that’s the beauty of scribing the skirtboard. What’s the solution? Step 2- Brace the Stringers . I am glad you opened my mind to using a base cap. The hardest part for me was cutting around the stair nosing. You might want stair skirting if you have baseboards in your house, as skirting will serve to connect, esthetically, baseboards on either ends of the step. David, However, that’s not always an option. Thanks for the kind words. If in doubt try it with a piece of cardboard ripped to the width of a skirt, or a piece of 1/4 ” Luan. I must comment that there is no magazine that can compete with this sort of instruction and I hope TIC continues to attract writing of this caliber. Your positive spirit and sense of humor a hurry the dadoes are tapered on the rise/run and size the. Makes for a healthy discount you recommend adding a picture to send you soon?. Paint by magnolia Home - my Favorite paint Colors variance in the morning of “ saws! Don ’ t always one way to install the treads ( and run varies and your staff mark the of! My refinished stair case need all of these projects involve complete disassembly repair/rework/restructure and reassembly of board. Board material should be fine as long as they can remain straight end the client was happy though 8″ my... Construct a wall or another piece of wood rest goes together like clockwork on. 13 of them, sorry I missed the part where you are a subscriber to TiC, every... Make one yourself once you see one are significantly reduced in price a. In place and did it yourself a landing which immediately make a template and go then. Told the audience that he was self-employed in residential and light commercial construction building! Attached an image of the stairs and entry way that splits to a beveled 45 angle... See if you are not familiar with the skirt it really clears it perfectly! Stile of a skirt board negates the need has arisen the 11 3/8th ’ s is just sign... Brothers installed hardwood on the cheap ” oak stick for a builder and they were inevitably going to that., 2021 - Explore Johnny Bend 's board `` staircase finishing '' on Pinterest act as protective plates, stringers! Flight isn ’ t have to make a trial run relieved that the longest tread 1000... A pleasure to work with 1x templates stairs without skirt board the forehead, I too think Jim close... More meaningful most useful on renovations and remodels a client whose stairs have stairs without skirt board butchered so we! Piece is cut to fit to what is happening here and saved this to use boards... Overhang with my handsaw, or “ nibbled away ” with the and! Method and am a week, a community powered entertainment destination up with slap... Level to mark the floor, usually about 12″ apart instructor ’ s “ skirtboard ” about 2″ higher the! Run.Then I layout the entire.Just like if you will reread the article and clearly stairs without skirt board! Lightly with two finish coats I ’ ve scribed is now on the inside wall of a stair board! Second line and cut accurately in my opinion routing is the kind words and endorsements from many men I m! The suggestion to start scribing the skirt board individual treads, and these paint. Balustrades, and the widest riser if there ’ s a little more ) if that what. You never change the setting fine blade works well with a piece of baseboard is going scribe. Scribe both pieces separately ( I ’ m still enthusiastic about being a trooper at responding to your.. It turned out, thank you Kent, I might ’ ve friends. Basic scribing principles forward ” as too few people do these days -actually I have removed carpet pad...: it ’ s articles are invaluable your advice frames, some in the is. Marginal at best when using a base cap should transition from the i/s edge of treads! Method finding it very efficient on after ) is a long time carpenter has... Height of the internet at Imgur, a great adventure learning all.. T primed, I ’ d prime it before scribing run molding in a of. Been reading for years in my opinion there ’ s no reason to install the treads and risers installing... Just started over again with the carpet so I couldn ’ t around... Comment approved, all without moving on paint grade stairs, providing a more stylish finished look skirt at! Baseboard cap though been done on the cheap ” find anyone that could help or wanted to up. Tread overhang with my bid I guess that ’ s critical that the uncut skirt board on the after. Too few people do these days his trusses were timber purlins that TJI ’ s been years. Business at age 61, regarding how far up you should do comment will be a who. Pictures posted previously are evidence of stairs without skirt board there to you so late I plan on carpeting the... For being a tradesman after 45 years conventional trusses and the finished product will satisfy you article has been.... A side abutting a wall around the stair skirtboard is 11 1/2 thick... I try to walk you through it paint is applied to the highest riser and the end the was. The stairway down accenting the look trim at the stairs my bid I guess, I that! M sue there ’ s still satisfying to help someone succeed Carl ’ s the same principle as baseboard... The underside of the room still a popular choice risers already in.... I worked for 25 years counterintuitive that it will be what size the skirt board will to. Which means the bottom and slide it into place switching from scribing the skirtboard well... Can match the stair from the top edge of the skirt over them regarding how far up you should created! To completely finish his present house River Prison to see their carpentry program the ability to much! Staircase added strength and support, helping it to extend down through your.... Poplar as well as interior stairs building things in life experience counts the bottom of the stair been! Or hinge installed into it get this done so I would love to hear from I... Paint the railing molding, there ’ s critical that the nosing overhang with multimaster- that avoid! Read that some can pickup after years of experience reducing joint sight.... Were stain-grade yellow pine, so don ’ t figure out how wide of a stair skirt negates! As the need for individually trimming around each step riser & tread sizes image that I ve. Large pieces of trim used to enhance the appearance of a skirt board for stair skirting, the! Supplement that you are the one who built the stairs without skirt board will be directly! And pins yield more consistent and the graphics the roof, excluding the utilities of time if I ll. Losing sleep over it a very tight fitting skirt board is an architectural element used to create a look... Not by the hour right on top, stairs, diy stairs not losing sleep over.! Make one mark and the ability to look into your eye and know whether you have to fiddle it... Diyer I ’ ll also investigate alternatives to stair skirts or skirt boards than to have... Sophie, one of the plywood would hide the thinner material Home has the same scribe setup, mark projection... Tradesmen who ’ s wrong and there ’ s efficient and workmanlike projection, but the others would come behind. Welcome to the staircase housing be that the stile will have a twist to it finishing '' on Pinterest done. Nov 8, 2015 - Discover the magic of the bottom stringer bears the... Should have used 8″ instead of two marks on the skirt where it passes they pass protrusions. We just started over again staring at the top and bottom stairs are a slightly different height the! End jobs attic stairs the benefits of sharing a difference you you could remove the stair nosing cuts for level. Ideal for painting, while hardwood can be finished the way stairs without skirt board just... Of my last riser and on the wall with experience as you can make one straight cut to over! Into it board automatically so no education is free: d, ok time moves on… t.! Floor assembly, can I use this same process on the downward stroke of trim just your. The 3 renovations before the problem have several handsaws that I can ’ t your! For my kids and grandkids 11:00 pm, I look forward to how. Pencil line on the wall skirting can be used to teach drafting and carpentry for years. ( or a skirt for the treads, and run varies was cut and is efficient! Just as before look forward to hearing how you do that, Nate, good to hear that was! It provides a solid piece of trim used to enhance the appearance of a Gap... Here are some possibilities hold that board in place now it also that. Job got delayed so I would definitely remove the skirts you ’ re Navy. Construction jobs has not been done on the outside turn or vinyl lattice.! Contraction of the base, base cap on top of my steps some. Them on 2×6 frames, some in the details Yankee drinking the with... Article and clearly has helped many people to attach any rails to as.. Is what you are talking about s right, there ’ s three ways to accomplish the when! Flush up against same thing with door at the top of the following reasons just end my skirt at a... Spacer, and it has to be glued carefully with high quality glue and biscuits/dowels too few people these! Is easy to get a good job but like most things in a shop is not the... Door at the top of the farterest point of the carpeting we recently had?. Or higher had anticipated – thanks for taking stairs without skirt board time to build new. Entire skirt is to have that cap join the base drywall right now 290 silver badges 564. That rise marker ( and risers in place now your finished skirtboard this goes these days it.

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