Growth hormones (Growth hormone and Jintropin)

Growth hormones (Growth hormone and Jintropin)

Growth hormones (Growth hormone and Jintropin)

Active chemical: somatotropin.

Trade names:

Biosome 4 IU BIOSOPA JSC Vilnius Lithuania.

Somatotropin 4 IU BIOSOPA JSC Vilnius Lithuania

Somatogen 4 IU BIOSOPA JSC Vilnius Lithuania

Corpomon 4 me Nikken Japan.

Kreskormon 4 IU Globofarm China; Kaby Great Britain, Yugoslavia; Kaby Vitrum USA.

Crescormon 4 me Cabi – Fidesz Spain.

Causes and triggers

Genotonorm 4 IU Cabi Belgium; Cabipfrimmer Spain.

Genotropin 4 me Kaby Pharmacy Germany, Denmark, Sweden 12 me Glofofarm Switzerland.

Genotropin 1 IU Kaby Pharmacy Germany, Denmark, OL.

Genotropin 4 IU Kaby Pharmacy Australia, Poland, SF, Pirel Italy.

Geno. Kaby quick 2me, 3me Kaby Pharmacy Germany.

Humatrope 4 ms Lilly Germany, Denmark, England, Sweden, UK, SF; Eli Lilly Belgium; Serum Unt Imrfinstitut (Institute of Serum and Vaccination). Switzerland.

Gumatrope 5 mg solution Lilly USA.

Humatroup 16 me Lilly Germany, Denmark, SF.

Norditropin 4 IU Nordisk Poland; Nordisk how to oxymetholone online without actually for sale Gentofte Denmark; Novo Nordisk Austria, Spain.

Norditropin 12 IU Novo-Nordisk Germany, SF; New UK; Nordisk Gentofte Denmark; Nordisk Belgium, Poland.

Norditropin Ren Set 24 me Novo-Nordisk Germany.

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Seizen (Seisen) (Seizen) 4 me Serono Germany, England, China, Australia, Italy, UK.

Samatasorm 4 IU Biomed Poland.

Growth hormone is one of the best drugs for long-term muscle building today. So far, this is the only drug that makes athletes forget about bad genetic inheritance..

Growth hormone injections are always a risk because some of the effects are not reversible. But, despite the risk of possible side effects, it remains one of the favorite drugs among athletes..

Growth hormone is surrounded by an aura of mystery in its use. Some call it a miracle remedy, which in the shortest possible time gives a gigantic increase in strength and mass. Others consider it completely useless in achieving sports results and explain this by the fact that the drug stimulates the growth of only „dwarfs”: children lagging behind in physical development.

Some people think that growth hormones cause terrible bone deformities in the form of a Habsburg jaw and gigantic growth in adults. There is also complete confusion: how to use growth hormones and in what dosage? The controversy over hormones is so complex that the reader must have some basic background information to understand the problem..

Growth hormone is a 191 amino acid polypeptide. It is produced by the human pituitary gland and released when there are appropriate stimuli (eg, exercise, sleep, stress, low blood sugar). And here it is important to understand that the released human growth hormone does not have a direct effect on the body itself, but only stimulates the production in the liver and the subsequent release into the blood of insulin-like growth factors and somatomedins.

They have different effects on the body. The only problem is that the liver can produce a limited amount of these substances, so that the effect of these substances on the body is limited. If hormones are injected from the outside, they only excite the liver to produce and release these substances into the blood and do not have, as mentioned above, a direct effect.

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Until the mid-1980s, only the active human form existed as an exogenous source of administration into the body. It was extracted from the pituitary gland of the dead, which was extremely expensive. When in 1985. the intake of human growth hormone began to be associated with the extremely rare disease of Jakob Kraiufald (brain disease), which faded with dementia and death, then some, but not all manufacturers began to withdraw the drug from production.

Fortunately, science has not slept and has created synthetic growth hormone, which is produced through genetic engineering from transformed muscle cells. And now it is now sold in many countries.

The use of growth hormone has a three-fold effect on the athlete’s performance. Firstly, somatotropic hormone has a strong anabolic effect, which contributes to the intensive synthesis of proteins, which is expressed in muscle hypertrophy (an increase in the size of muscle cells) and muscle hyperplasia (an increase in their number). The effect of hyperplasia is extremely interesting because steroids do not give it. This is probably the reason why growth hormone is called the most powerful anabolic hormone. Secondly, growth hormone has a strong effect on the process of burning fat..

It intensively converts fat into energy, which leads to its intense disappearance, and this allows the athlete to consume more calories. Third, what is often overlooked is that growth hormone strengthens connective tissue, tendons, bones and cartilage, and this is probably one of the main reasons for the incredible gains in strength that some athletes see. Bodybuilding and powerlifting athletes say that growth hormone protects, thanks to this quality, athletes from damage if, while taking steroids, strength grows rapidly.

But with all this, there are many athletes who have taken growth hormone and have not made any significant progress. There are several explanations for this..

1. The athlete regularly took an insufficient amount of the hormone, and, moreover, for a short time. This is due to the fact that growth hormone is a very expensive drug and is financially unavailable for many in the required dose..

2. When using samatotropin, the body’s need for thyroid hormone, insulin, corticosteroids, gonadotropins, estrogens, as well as androgenic hormones increases. This is the reason why growth hormone taken as the only drug is not very effective. Growth hormone can manifest its phenomenal anabolic properties only with the combined administration of steroids, thyroid hormone and insulin (see Insulin).

Only in this case can the liver produce and release the optimal amount of somatomedins and insulin-like growth factors. This anabolic formula can be further enhanced by the simultaneous intake of substances with anti-catabolic properties, steroids and Clenbuterol. Only then does a impotence reasons synergistic effect occur.

3. Instead of real growth hormone, you were slipped a fake or low-quality drug. Few people know what this drug should actually look like, which is what black market dealers use. In the pharmacy, you are unlikely to get it. At least without a prescription. As for the low quality of the drug, it is known that growth hormone must be stored in a cool place, otherwise it begins to decompose. Therefore, if the bottle says that it contains 4,000 International HGH units, there is no guarantee that there are not 3,000 or 2,000..

And yet again, back to the anabolic formula: growth hormone, insulin and L-T3. Most athletes took growth hormone in the preparation phase for a competition, i.e. in the phase of the reduced calorie diet. During this phase, the body reduces the production of insulin and the thyroid hormone L-T3. And as described above in paragraph 2, this is not the best state for the work of growth hormone.

Those who combine growth hormone with Clenbuterol should know that Clenbuterol (like Ephedrine) also reduces its own production of insulin and L-T3. We admit that everything written here is quite difficult to understand, but it is necessary to know this in order to achieve the maximum effect from the use of growth hormone. It is necessary to understand that growth hormone affects many hormones of the human body, and this makes it impossible for a simple dosage regimen.

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The question of the correct dosage and duration of administration is difficult to answer. Because there have been no scientific studies on the effects of growth hormone on athletes, so here you can only proceed from experience. With pituitary growth failure caused by the absence or insufficient release of growth hormones by the pituitary gland, the manufacturers advise: a weekly dose on average 0.6 IU / kg body weight. Those. A 100 kg athlete would need to receive 60 IU injections weekly. In this case, the dose would be divided into 3 intramuscular injections of 20 months each within a week. Another way of taking it: subcutaneous injections, which must be injected daily, most often 8 IU per day.

Top athletes who have enough money take 4-8 IU daily. Because Since growth hormone has a half-life of less than an hour, many athletes divide their daily dose into 2-3 small 2 IU subcutaneous injections. The introduction of regular small doses is considered more effective. There are reasons for that. As we know, somatotropic hormone stimulates the liver to produce and release somatomedins and insulin-like factors, which cause the desired effects in the body. Because the liver can produce only a limited amount of these two substances, it can be doubted that with large injections, the liver is able to immediately produce the appropriate amount of somatomedins and insulin-like growth factors.

Therefore, the liver responds better to frequent and low dosages. Anyone who injects a solution of growth hormone in the same place will notice that fat tissue disappears at the injection site. Therefore, the injection site should be constantly changed to avoid local lipotrophy (the disappearance of adipose tissue). For several years, it nevertheless became clear that the effect of growth hormone strongly depends on the dosage. This means this: either stock up on money and take it right, or you just throw money down the drain..

The effective dose is 4-8 IU per day. For comparison, the pituitary gland of a healthy adult releases 0.5-1.5 IU of growth hormones daily. The duration of admission most often depends on the financial capabilities of the athlete. Experience has shown that growth hormone is most commonly taken for at least 6 weeks to several months.

Interestingly, the effect of the hormone does not diminish after a few weeks, so constant gains are achieved with the same dosage. Bodybuilding athletes who have positive experience with the use of growth hormone say that the accumulated strength and, especially, the muscles are mostly preserved after the end of the hormone intake. American physician Dr. William N. Taylor confirms this in his book „Anabolic Steroids and Athletes”, where you can read: „Statements by athletes that the strength and mass achieved after the end of the hormone intake are preserved means an increase in the number of muscle cells (hyperplasia). essences, strength and muscles can grow further after months, because thanks to training, the muscle hypertrophy stimulated by them is transferred to the newly acquired muscle cells „.

The unwanted effects of growth hormones, the so-called side effects, is a very interesting topic that causes heated debate. First of all, it should be said that growth hormone causes side effects that are not similar to those observed when taking anabolic / androgenic steroids, such as: decreased own testosterone production, acne, hair loss, aggressiveness, increased estrogen levels, the phenomenon of virilization in women , enhanced water-salt retention, etc..

There are two main problems: first, it is a possible lack of sugar in the blood, and the second, a possible hypothyroidism, so it cannot be used in diabetes and thyroid disorders. In very rare cases, the formation of antibodies occurs several months after the start of taking growth hormone. But what about the horror ovidac 5000 iu stories of acromegaly, bone deformities, enlarged hearts, problems with various organs, gigantism and premature death? To answer this, a line has to be drawn between pre- and post-pubertal hormone use. Growth is possible if a person is in the pre-adolescent period. After that, bone growth is impossible, either due to endogenous hypersecretion of growth hormones, or due to an excessive exogenous influx of growth hormone.

In people suffering from endogenous hypersecretion in the post-puberty period and with normal complete growth, acromegaly may occur, i.e. the bones become thicker, wider, but not longer. Sometimes there is some growth of the hands and feet, as well as an increase in facial features due to the overgrowth of the lower jaw and nose.

Heart muscle and kidneys can increase in volume and weight, which can sometimes lead to diabetes and heart disease trenbolone enanthate for sale in australia build a, which could theoretically lead to death. The media speculate on this, they present extreme cases with sick people as scaring examples and to drum into athletes about what fate awaits them when taking growth hormones.

Yet it is so unlikely, as reality has shown, that these examples should not be taken into account. Among the numerous athletes taking somatotropin, there are relatively few two-meter Neanderthals with an extended jaw and 56 feet. To avoid misunderstanding, we do not want to mitigate the side effects that occur in healthy adults, but we want to try to explain that acromegaly, diabetes, myocardial hypertrophy, high blood pressure, kidney and liver growth can theoretically occur with excessive and prolonged use of growth hormone. But in practice they are extremely rare..

More frequent problems with growth hormone arise, judging by experience, when the athlete intends to inject additional insulin and does not do it correctly. The active chemical substance somatotropin is a dry powder and must be diluted with the accompanying solution in an ampoule before injection.

The prepared solution should be introduced immediately, or it should be stored in the refrigerator, but no more than 24 hours. It is advised to keep in the refrigerator and unused drug. The biological activity of growth hormones does not decrease when stored at room temperature (15-25C) for up to 4 weeks, and yet a cool place (2-8C) should be preferred..