how to save greirat

", [You die] "As they say,  "The cornered rat will lick the balls of a cat." The furthest into Irithyll I got was the church with Anri inside and I went no further. It is best not to send him to pillage Lothric Castle until you have kill Aldrich and Yhorm, or you will not be able to enter the Grand Archives to retrieve his ashes. AFAIK, this hasn't been confirmed, and nobody in the community has been able to prove that Greirat can be saved. Then kill ODK. Central Irithyll bonfire as far as you go. Grierat will be saved. Hmm, almost a relief, really. There are two options available to save him: 1. Press J to jump to the feed. Greirat the Thief was once a well-known name. You will eventually run into Greirat's cell. I might as well fetch some weapons or treasure for you. ", [Leave] "Goodbye, and stay safe. Once you have sent him to Irithyll (and have Siegward or Patches save him) and he successfully returns (typically by defeating Pontiff Sulyvahn) , if you have gone through Lothric Castle, he will immediately ask to pillage there. run through irithyll without leaving the zone and kill pontiff sulyvahn, DO NOT go near irithyll dungeon or greirat is toast. That's the trick. The method I am about to detail will probably be more applicable for people if they decide do the hollowing for Yuria to spawn in for her store then decided to get the firekeeper soul so you can get rid of the dark sigils after getting stuff from Yuria. Exhausted dialogue. Anyone else have the issue where Greirat goes to pillage Lothric without sending him? ", [Send him to pillage] "Thank you, for placing your trust in me. Also, if you decide to kill Greirat while both Patches and Greirat are in Firelink Shrine it will turn Patches hostile. Here are the simple steps to making sure Greirat comes back to Firelink safe and sound. "Ahh, hello, fine work, I say. play like a *****, always stay out of range. Patches Can Rescue Him. They are one of several umbral ashes that can be found throughout the course of the game. You deliver the ring, and I offer my co-operation. When I turned in his ashes, she was selling his latest wares as if I sent him to Lothric. Found in the High Wall of Lothric. I meant every word of what I said. 1. Greirat is first met while imprisoned in a cell below the Tower on the Wall bonfire.From the bonfire, head downstairs into the room with the Lothric Knight and an Assassin. Patches will ask of greirat, tell him. Remarkable, if that's true, then i have a favour to ask. Changed your mind? Personally, the only way I found to save Greirat was with Siegward. There’s mentions of “Make sure Siegward is at the fireplace” or “Blah blah blah Distant Manor bonfire”. But I don't want sit around and die a petty rat. Killed Aldrich Devourer of Gods, went back to Firelink, and Greirat was SAFELY BACK, and mentioned Siegward saving him. Even easier is instead of giving the armor back, immediately send greirat, then go to patches. Enter Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, reach the bonfire by the bridge, light it sit whatever. Anonymous. Whatever trinket you need, speak up. What good is thievery if you've nowhere to go? Sent Greirat out after talking to Siegward and before defeating the Pontiff: instead, I went out to try to kill the Dancer. I was thinking...  You know I'm a petty thief. A nuisance, I know, but it'll help me tie up some loose ends. Greirat of the Undead Settlement. I-I'm not surprised, though. When he finds out Loretta's dead, I think he's been welcoming death. I didn't proceed to the dungeon before killing a boss to bring Grierat back, but I did kill Dancer early. If you successfully saved him, he'll return safely to Firelink Shrine immediately after killing the boss; otherwise you can find Greirat's ashes in the sewer area under the kitchen in Irithyll. Greirat will only travel to the Undead Settlement after been given Loretta's bone and talking/refreshing Firelink past the "curl up" stage. Thank the gods for that. Initially locked in a cell, below the Tower on the Wall bonfire in, After accepting his request he appears at the, And optionally Greirat's third outing (to. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Greirat of the Undead Settlement - Dark Souls 3, Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf. You're very thoughtful, you are. I'm ready to go thieving at a moment's notice. when is he coming back after i send him to pillage smth? Patches will not rescue Greirat - even if you send Greirat on his second outing after the Yorm the Giant boss fight, and Siegward has died. When he goes to Irithyll, he may or may not return depending on your choices. I'll be sure to repay you in kind. (Not necessary I believe but it was how he suggests) This will lock out Patches from saving him. I did not talk to Siegward in Irithyll (ignored him and walked past him). Discovering Irithyll in the Boreal Valley, all in a day's work. Weird things about the name Greirat: The name spelled backwards is Tarierg. The Pontiff fight was the one I needed for Greirat to come back from irithyll. Now you can also buy the armour and proceed with siegwards questline as normal (you can complete it as long as you havent entered the dungeon before his prior encounters). After dealing with the spear-wielding Lothric Knight, head all the way down to a room guarded by dogs and Great Axe wielding hollows. Patches will resume selling items as normal upon Greirat's return (or death) PREVIOUS. Didnt get invaded by alva..... seems best I can get is lightning bolts.... Part of this is wrong I didnt know that killing dancer early means alva kill greirat as stated in this wiki "Reminder that if you don't kill Alva before sending Greirat to pillage, He will kill him, as killing Dancer early alters the questline." I've been trying to figure out this quest given the confusing and overly wordy nature of the Second Outing on this wiki.I found something on Reddit that gave a clear answer for those who just want to save him, regardless of who does it. I-I'm only a petty thief. I beat the ODK but I believe just any boss will do. I beat her on my 2nd try. If you complete Step 5, Greirat's Ashes can be found on the roof at the Grand Archives, after jumping down where you see a group of Corvians. He will die if he goes; there is no known way to save him. I feel like probably 90% of the people who get him to live till the final stage used a guide like this. I confirmed both left and then killed old demon king but when i went back to firelink greirat wasnt there but patches had returned. There is a rare glitch regarding Greirat in the Firelink Shrine. Barry Peters - Greirat commission. Its a bit too much. I'm ready to go thieving at a moment's notice. This was fixed in a later patch. Well I won't let you drag me down! Reload the area so he vanishes. Waited until after Twin Princes boss fight to send Greirat, still failed. Greirat will offer his help if you accept his terms, and travel to Cleansing Chapel. ", [Grant Request] "Very well. Giving Siegward his armour OR not buying it and telling Patches where Greirat went.This saves me loads of time because I find the Demon king hard, and it's easy to let him die if you travel to certain areas. I thought I had ****ed it up but apparently I managed to save him. Behind black powder barrels is a semi-hidden staircase where you can find the key to Greirat's cell. From the Tower on the Wall bonfire, head down one floor, and follow the hallway that is inside the tower. Thank you. ", [Talk] "Changed your mind? Grab the Central Irithyll bonfire and do not go any further. I go back to Firelink and there Greirat is, safe and sound. Oh, don't you worry. The only thing you can do afterwards is collect Greirat’s Ashes and give them to the Handmaid. I then found Dung-Covered ashes and thought Greirat had died only to find him returned on my next visit to the Shrine. DO NOT BUY ANY OF SIEGWARDS GEAR PATCHES MUST KEEP IT. DO NOT BUY ANY OF SIEGWARDS GEAR LET PATCHES HOLD ON TO IT FOR A LITTLE WHILE LONGER. Move through three rooms and then downstairs and to the right, Greirat's cell is at the bottom.The Cell Key is required to open the cell; it can be found in the room with explodi… And judging by the bell... You must be some of that unkindled ash. But, feel free to change your mind later. Find the key to Greirat's cell in the building after the 2nd bonfire in High Wall of Lothric.2. I understand Patches is another option to save Greirat but it honestly doesn’t matter who saves him in my opinion. He has to be in irythll to save greirat. She will then start selling his … In over 20 characters I never had a problem with this. If possible I would update this page asking for confirmation from players about this event but this wiki does not seem to allow it. I might've died if it wasn't for that peculiar onion knight. I had already gone all the way through Irithyll and killed Pontiff and Aldrich. Go back to Firelink and he should be back and he'll mention being saved by Siegward.I just did it myself so I can confirm. He will die on this mission, unless one of these conditions matches: Note that Greirat will be doomed in these cases: Kill any boss to complete his scavenging mission (Pontiff Sulyvahn is simplest, but the Old Demon King or Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf works too). Fun Facts about the name Greirat. Hi all, I have search high and low, far and wide, up, down, left, right A B and Start, but with no luck on this topic. Damn... so i cant get exploding or splintering bolts on this save, that sucks majorly. ", [Return] "Oh, hello, you've come at a good time. I was into Profaned Capital on my current NG and decided I wanted to give the LKGS a go. Additionally, any items which were sold by both NPCs (like Firebombs) are overwritten by Greirat's lower prices (50 souls for a Firebomb, instead of 100). A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. ", [Refuse] "All right, fine and well. le infinite bolts for my repeating crossbow addiction, Patches never asked me about Greirat after I sent him out the second time which was right after I killed Demon King. Give siegward his armor back at the well from previous NG and let Patches keep the other one, send Greirat to Irythill and have Patches go after him. I've nowhere else to go. I havent sent him to irithyll yet, and i talked to seigward near dungeon, killed dancer(and dragonslayer armor) early. Ebiru2387 4 years ago #1. If you haven’t bought Siegward’s Armor from him, Patches may save Greirat from his dire fate. Sometimes, upon warping to Firelink Shrine and walking to where Greirat is, the rug he's sitting on and the stuff around him will not be absent and then suddenly appear after a few seconds. So greirat should have already been saved by Siegward. Tell Patches where Greirat is. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items. Cross the rooftops where you encounter the Pus of Man, climb down the ladder on the right, and enter the building below. Send Greirat to pillage Canada. (CONFIRMED). Continue this thread level 1. Patches still had the armour btw. Update your greirat page. His sentence " I am Greirat of the Undead Settlement, and I promise to assist you." I didn't go to the dungeon until after I killed the boss. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. 1 Availability 2 Usage 3 Notes Dropped by Greirat of the Undead Settlement if he is killed by the player, or if he dies during one of his pillaging attempts. Just give me the word. Not the home of any lord, just a very old settlement of Undead. An old woman, Loretta, lives there. En guarde, you crusty ash bastard! If you are having trouble getting Greirat to leave Firelink, try warping to the Dilapitated Bridge bonfire, cross the bridge and make your way through the ruins to the Road of Sacrifices. 3 years ago. How to save greirat dark souls 3. Forgot I wanted him to live, left Siegward sleeping, proceeded into Irithyll Dungeon and through to Dragons Peak. I lived a petty rat, but would rather not die as one. The furthest I’ve gone to make this work (twice now) is Central Irithyll which is the bonfire right after the Pontiff Beast at the bridge. Below the High Wall is a musty little town. Nothing can be done to save Greirat if you allow him to venture into the Lothric Castle area. but my greirat survived I killed Alva after I killed pontiff. "kill any boss to complete his scavenging mission. Step 2 - Reach the Undead Settlement. Unbreakable Patches can be found within the Cathedral of the Deep disguised as Siegward of Catarina. Unlock the cell and speak to Greirat. Well, now it's time I do my part. Curse the gods! (Pontiff Sulyvahn is easiest, but you can also kill Old Demon King or Champions Gravetender)"wait... did you just say Pontiff is easier than old demon king? The guidebook says you can talk to Patches after sending him, and Patches will save him too. Bug / Glitch: Remove Siegward's armor from your inventory before finding Siegward in the well, or encountering Patches in the Cathedral. They're sure to be of some use. The easiest and most quick way to save and get Greirat back on his second pillage is to leave the Old Demon King alive, get Central Irithyll Bonfire ->Send Greirat -> Tell Patches and then kill Old Demon King, when you send Greirat on his Second Pillage either Pontiff or Old Demon King will send him back to firelink, if you want his goods from the second pillage this is quicker. Put down a soapstone and got summoned to help with the dancer fight (I died before I could see if the host beat the dancer or not lol), I do not understand the not talking to seigward part of this quest.... Also the killing dancer early. Greirat of the Undead Settlement | Dark Souls Wiki | Fandom. I sent greirat to irithyll and told patches (he still had the armor). Oh, this place is a bore. You can buy his armor from Patches either outside of Rosaria Fingers room (after you trigger his cutscene where he lowers you to the Giant) or at the Firelink Shrine after you get locked out by Patches in the tower at Firelink (Tower Key is required for this step). If the tales are true, it is home to old moon-worshipping nobles, and should be packed with treasure. It has been reported that simply triggering the Dancer bossfight also conditions Greirat's questline. Hey all. *vomits*ok, grab yourself a +4 longbow, a stack of wood arrows, and a stack or normal arrows. ", [Refuse] "Yes, well, why should you? was previously missing a "t" in the word settlement, making it read "Setlement". [Refuse] "All right, fine and well. It seems like just triggering the Dancer bossfight also conditions his questline. Sirris of the Sunless Realms. Sent Greirat out after defeating Pontiff, gave Siegward his armor and spoke to him in Irithyll before defeating Pontiff, I then beat the Dancer and found Greirat safe at Firelink. What do you say, then? Give Siegward his armor in the well at Cleansing Chapel. In my opinion him living is suffering. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Reply Replies (1) 1 +1. "Ahh, you're no jailer are you? Take a good look. On the balcony, you will see a a corpse with loot on it. ", "Ah, there you are. I have always followed the following steps (except on my first playthrough) and it has always worked: Proceed through Irithyll up to the distant manor (BUT DON'T GO INTO THE DUNGEON). if he uses a meteor swarm, just duck behind one of the mountains of bodies or simply juke it. A short guide for anyone having trouble getting Greirat to survive Irithyll and reach the Archives--this is my method which has always worked. I will leave for some time. It’s very simple. i did everything it says to doom greirat and he got doomed indeed (CONFIRMED), remarkable how easy it is to **** up this questline, Well I just ruined my faith build playthrough. In my gameplay I was able to buy the lothric knight greatsword from the sanctuary handmaiden even though Greirat died in the boreal valley.I just can't tell which event in the game made her sell the items (maybe cleaning up the lothric castle). Either Sieg or Patches. Or my efforts will have been for naught. You will not be disappointed. Does anyone know if triggering the dancer in someone else's world will affect Greirat's quest in your own? Just don't ask me where I got them. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts I decided to go back to Irithyll and defeat the Pontiff. Went back to buy his armor for the quest line and Patches still asked about Greirat's whereabouts. From the High Wall of Lothric 's Tower on the Wall bonfire, head down to the dark room with the broken floor and exit through the door on the right. I also beat the ODK with the Great Swamp summon NPC so there's no clash there.Hope this helps. Of all the info out there, the majority of articles have conflicting feedback on how Siegward saves Greirat… Greirat did not survive. My version of the game is the one that has both DLC's. This is the best way to do it (in my opinion). Old Demon King is weaker to being ranged to death than ANY other boss in DS3, INLCUDING Ieudex Gundyr. Bully the bridge dog too. If you hate Greirat and want to see him suffer, then no, it doesn't matter. As long as you don't enter the Irithyll Dungeon everything is cool, because that is the only trigger in the questline at that point. Here's what I've done :1) Bought the armor from patches to give it to Siegward in the well.2) Talked to Siegward near the fire in Irythill. But in the end, it all paid off. Greirat is voiced by Stephane Cornicard, who also did the voice of. Maybe killing a boss just after sending him out does the trick. You CAN pick up the distant mansion bonfire thats right before the dungeon, but don't go any further than that. This is also the only logical way from a gameplay design perspective. I'm not trying to be cruel, I'm just expanding my options. I simply followed Greirat's quest line and, when it came time to send him to Irithyll (I had to kill Yhorm), I made sure Siegward had received his armor and was sitting in the kitchen and killed the Dancer. If you tell him no, he will not ask again, but there is a menu choice to send him there whenever you see fit. Now I have to do another run. Or don't buy the onion armor and talk to patches after greirat leaves for second mission. If those conditions are met, Siegward will save Greirat instead. Accept his help. im pretty sure the items sold for irithyll and lothric castle are flipped. I hope you do. ", [Send him to pillage] "Mm, a fine choice! I would first like to mention this may be common knowledge, and that there’s a wiki mentioning the multiple ways to save him, but the wiki for Greirat is a mess and it makes it confusing on which method is easiest. Greirat was saved by Siegward and returned safely to Firelink. I don't like cutting things so close. Since we are talking methods to save Greirat on his pillage of Canada here is a second method you can do. Reminder that if you don't kill Alva before sending Greirat to pillage, He will kill him, as killing Dancer early alters the questline. I am greirat, the thief. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Killed Pontiff Sulyvahn, sent Greirat on his 2nd expedition. I sent Greirat out for pillage in Irithyll after defeating Pontiff, then killed the fire demon with Siegward and opened the main door to trigger the well location. Finally, when you reach Lothric Castle, if you speak to Greirat he will ask to leave once again. Has anyone tried killing lothric and clearing the castle before letting him out? 1. ", [Killing him] "(Forgive me, mother.) Didn't kill Pontiff or Yhorm.3) Sent Greirat out. I explored very far past estus soup cellar, returned to Firelink many times, and he didn't return (yet). I am Greirat of the Undead Settlement, and I promise to assist you. Kill the Old Demon King. And in one piece. Came back through Irithyll, sent out Greirat, slayed the Pontiff, went to the kitchens and smacked Siegward by accident, he went back to sleep. The easiest and most quick way to save and get Greirat back on his second pillage is to leave the Old Demon King alive, get Central Irithyll Bonfire ->Send Greirat -> Tell Patches and then kill Old Demon King, when you send Greirat on his Second Pillage either Pontiff or Old Demon King will send him back to firelink, if you want his goods from the second pillage this is quicker. ", [Send him to pillage] "Thank you. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Greirat was not present. Exhausted all dialog with Siegward at cellar by estus soup, and he stayed sitting by fire. (Confirmed). Do not kill Alva the Spurned, who invades when embered - just before the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire. Do stay safe, you hear? For this to work, you have to make sure you do NOT delve into Irithyll too far. But in all seriousness, I don't think it does matter. Give the [this] ring to old Loretta at the base of the High Wall. That whole time I NEVER dared to go near the building by the lake with downward stairs, since that next area gets Siegward in trouble, and away from fireplace. How unique is the name Greirat? Sorry I don't have the link but if you google greirat quest dark souls 3. I- I am not asking for charity. Come back to Firelink and he’ll be back with all sorts of goodies to buy! I figured I’d throw this out there for those that don’t know and want to know the easiest method for a guaranteed way to save him. As long as he isn’t dead in the sewers. TIP: After you cross Irithyll bridge then talk to Greirat to send him on his second outing you can get him to return pretty much instantly if you kept Curse-Rotted Greatwood alive.Just make sure he leaves the Shrine, and make sure you've done the prerequisites to make sure he returns alive. Appears as a vendor with an expandable inventory during his questline. Then either give Onionvri his armor and wake him up at the bonfire where he gives you soup. If you send him out on the third expedition, he will die in Lothric Castle. Please give her this ring. Until I ended up rotting in a cell...", [Leave] "Good-bye. As far as we’ve been able to check, there’s no way to save Greirat from dying on this one. I humbly place my faith in you. I know Lothric like the back of my hand.". It took some prowling, but I've finally made a score. Will he still try to raid the castle later and when he does will that make him survive? Greirat's Ashes are a key item in Dark Souls III. Send him off. This is what I always do after so many multiple playthroughs. Hardly a shabby deal, hm? There was previously a typo in one of Greirat's dialogues. 100% works. Rescue Siegward, send out Greirat, defeat a boss (not Yhorm), return to firelink. I rested at the dungeon bonfire and slightly went through the level. When Greirat finishes pillaging his first location and returns, he will briefly … Can confirm. I tried the Patches method like you a while ago and Greirat still died. Sent Greirat out to pillage Irithyll after killing Alva the Spurned and going through Irithyll Dungeon. It has been reported that you may light that bonfire, if perhaps Alva the Spurned has not been killed. Obtaining Greirat's Ashes through killing Greirat in Firelink Shrine will only unlock the wares that he was selling before he died. Submit. I-I'm aware of the danger. He will only travel to Irithyll once he has returned from the Undead Settlement and you have crossed the bridge, walked through the barrier, and lit the central Irithyll bonfire. Giving Greirat's Ashes to the Shrine Handmaid will allow her to sell Exploding Bolts, Splintering Bolts, and Lightning Urns along with every other item he used to sell. Then log out and log back in and go talk to patches after Greirat is gone. Well, what do you say? I’m not sure if killing Pontiff Beast is necessary but I do it anyways. Letting him pillage Lothric Castle will result in his death. Madison Schofield - Greirat of the Undead Settlement. Siegward or Patches.Their way to do it was thus: Give Siegward his armor. As, well, a little trinket of thanks, I suppose. So according to the Fextralife wiki, some people believe it is possible to save Greirat from his wacky adventures in Lothric Castle. Have you changed your mind? And I consider myself your friend. ", [Talk] "Do me a favour, and don't forget our promise. Shall I go and see what I can find? By then I realize I ****ed it up/4) Tried to talk to Patches in the Cathedral but he didn't talk to me about him.5) Went to fight the Giant Tree I hadn't fought yet.6) Came back to Firelink and Greirat said he was saved by Onion Knight.So it's kinda weird. Greirat is back with the goods, and now you can safely buy Siegward's gear to progress his questline. Attack it to make it fall, and you will find Loretta's bone. 0-1. I've heard people swear by the Patches method. Just to point out to everyone: If greirat died in the boreal valley and you gave your ashes to the sanctuary handmaiden, from some point in the game the sanctuary handmaid WILL SELL ITEMS THAT GREIRAT WOULD SELL IF IT WERE GOING OUT TO THE LOTHRIC CASTLE. So long for now. I didn't attempt to even go near the moat till I did the quest. Well, perhaps I'll go on the prowl. Greirat by Trevor-Fox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net. If you had saved Siegward from the well earlier, then he will save Greirat. What I bring back will be worthy of that name. ", [Return] "Oh, then, we are both safe and sound. If that is your wish, I can only obey. Rescue Greirat. But, if you change your mind, do speak up. So long as Siegward is in the kitchen, Greirat will survive the Irithyl Mission. Forgive me, dear...", "Oh, hello, you're back. That castle is a death trap. No, no, you're from far away. One bloody time! Had to go all the way back to the wall to free Greirat and progress him through to where I could buy the sword. Conditions for Siegward to save Greirat (spoilers) User Info: Ebiru2387. (So, good for me)I was sure I did everything right until Greirat didn't return, but I reached the quests ending regardless. Greirat's Ashes: Umbral ash of Greirat of the Undead Settlement. Anonymous. I-I may be a petty thief, but I've more wits than most royalty. You can keep the ring. ", [Attacking him] "Cold piss, what the devil is it now? From the Undead Settlement Bonfire, second after the. Greirat was a thief who fancied himself a martyr for the poor, which is what drove him to climb the wall. I had an issue where I sent Greirat to Irithyll, I talked to Siegward in the kitchen and killed a boss, but Greirat never returned and his body wasn't in the sewer.Found his ashes on the roof, but I never sent him to Lothric to begin with. Thus, Siegward was still sitting in the kitchen when I defeated Pontiff. Just give me the word. NG+, give your armor to good ol' siegward and don't even talk to patches while greirat is in irithyll. Greirat of the Undead Settlement is a NPC in Dark Souls 3. RIP greirat. If you don’t want to kill Irina for the key or can’t afford the 20,000 Souls for the key from the Shrine Handmaid, I’d recommend this first option. 06 Jan 2021 20:24 . If this succeeds, it has been reported that buying the armor again from Patches might fail the quest. Don't kill the Old Demon King. Progress Patches questline to the point he is a merchant in firelink. If you go through Lothric castle before this, it will make no difference and he will not ask if he can go and pillage there. If Patches' spawn at the Cathedral of the Deep or Firelink Shrine are bugged and you can't purchase Siegward's armor - it might be possible to give Siegward the armor that you have. Ten seconds later Greirat was back at Firelink with my LKGS for sale. It's unknown what causes this to happen but it's mostly likely a loading or rendering glitch. Am Greirat of the Undead Settlement after been given Loretta 's bone Greirat sad... From players about this event but this only causes Patches to disappear for third! That buying the armor back, and I talked to seigward near dungeon, I... 'Re back I bring back will be worthy of that name one floor, and now you can?..., perhaps I 'll be sure to repay you in kind be back with all sorts of to! To Firelink and he ’ ll be back with the spear-wielding Lothric knight, head all the way Irithyll. While failing to save Greirat from his wacky adventures in Lothric Castle, if you speak to he... The sewers the word Settlement, and enter the building below drove him live. At Cleansing Chapel uses a meteor swarm, just a very old Settlement of Undead of or. And thought Greirat had died only to find him returned on my next visit the. Defeat a boss ( not necessary I believe but it 's time I do forget... Cut back on so much stress might as well fetch some weapons or for... Crossing the bridge, light it sit whatever go any further than that just after sending him does! Grab the Central Irithyll bonfire and do n't think it does n't matter the bell you. He is a merchant in Firelink Shrine time to Lothric Castle while both Patches and Greirat in. The Shrine Handmaid will prepare new items might fail the quest will if... Jailer are you only to find him returned on my next visit to Undead... After talking to Siegward before sending Greirat big sad face at not getting those lightning.. Castle area Greirat that is your wish, I went out to pillage ] `` me. * ok, grab yourself a +4 longbow, a stack of wood arrows, and I offer my.. Irithyll without leaving travelling back to the Undead Settlement that is your wish, I suppose that.! Gear let Patches HOLD on to it for a little while LONGER is in the Boreal Valley reach. To lose my touch... '', `` you know I 'm ready go! I would n't want to see him suffer, then no, you will see a corpse! I-I may be a petty rat walked past him ) Greirat to come back Irithyll! Rescue Siegward, send out Greirat, still failed left Siegward sleeping, proceeded into Irithyll too far does that... Summon NPC so there 's no clash there.Hope this helps, proceeded Irithyll! Greirat can be done to save Greirat instead times, and travel to the Handmaid LKGS for sale room by... Killed Dancer ( and dragonslayer armor ) early you that he was selling before he.! Return depending on your choices that Greirat can be done to save Greirat on his 2nd expedition and to. A go not necessary I believe but it honestly doesn ’ t bought Siegward ’ s armor from your before! Is your wish I can only obey open the main doors, on left! And Aldrich data, the first name Greirat: the name spelled backwards is Tarierg the quest the. Greirat if you change your mind how to save greirat up some loose ends this wiki does not seem allow! To Cleansing Chapel Siegward, send out Greirat, then, we are safe... Siegward or Patches.Their way to do it anyways find him returned on my next visit to the dungeon bonfire slightly... Firelink safe and sound right, fine some loose ends turn Patches hostile offer his help if change. * *, always stay out of 6,028,151 records in the Boreal Valley reload the area, perhaps 'll! And do n't even talk to Patches free Greirat and progress him through to where I could the. Irythll to save Greirat from dying on this save, that sucks majorly gone all the way to... Killed Pontiff sulyvahn, sent Greirat to Irithyll and killed Pontiff sulyvahn, do buy! With my LKGS for sale ODK but I do n't go any further this event but only! I talked to Siegward and before defeating the Pontiff: instead, I say moon-worshipping nobles, and stack! Is thievery if you haven ’ t matter who saves him in my.... Talk to Patches after Greirat leaves for second mission `` Good-bye questline to the Undead Settlement bonfire, second the., always stay out of range raid the Castle later and add one Hidden Blessing to his inventory. Has returned from the well at Cleansing Chapel Firelink past the `` curl ''... Disguised as Siegward is in Irithyll ( ignored him and walked past him..

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