bridgestone tour bx vs bxs

However, this ball is engineered for maximum distance as well as hit and sit performance on these close shots. Both the Tour B X and Tour B XS were very similar in terms of iron spin, but the RX and RXS spun about 10% less for me. The tour B XS has won me over so far this year with my trip to Fla. last month. Thanks for the giveaway. Manufacturer Description. Ryan For 2017, Bridgestone has rebranded their popular Tour B330 golf ball as simply Tour B. I’m interested in feeling the difference with the proV1. Brad Neal Kevin R. Lebanon, Maine. Cabin fever setting in. I need to try the latest version of the RX!!!!! We had the chance to try out each recently and were very impressed with how they complemented one another while remaining truly unique. Members are always asking me about equipment and should I change Great article. Want Bridgestone BXS golf balls for up to 80% off the price of new? I have always enjoyed playing Bridgestones when they were in the bag. If you like a line on the ball, Align XL is the best way to go. Press alt + / to open this menu. Jump to. B XS, I liked the previous Tour X; would love the opportunity to try the new version vs. ProV1x and Z-Star XV I think these balls could change my game for the better. I love the reviews. I always get some very useful info from the newsletter. Seth Shopping Cart . Love your reviews, read it every week. I like the B RX ball but would like to try the RXS. Would love to try the Tour B RX. From the unmistakable ‘TIGER’ side stamp to each ball having a number 1, this is … Thanks for a great review. I’m one of the fortunate golfers still able to play. The First and hopefully the last time I say this..I love these balls! I tested the previous generation Tour B X against the current generation and found that the new Tour B is absolutely faster off the driver. I have always looked for E6 balls and have had good success with them,but the days of 95-105 swing speed are behind me.I would love to try the e12 soft;It sounds like a ball that might roll back my genetic clock by a few shots.Never hurts to hope. Hopefully I’ll say “move over” Titleist and/or Callaway! I had played with the 330S for years and always found it to be the longest ball in my bag. I did find the RX models to have a bit more jump and a little less check spin. Parrish, Florida, Great review – would love to try the Tour BX Review was very informative George from Cass City MI. Kim K Bridgestone has a TOUR B ball for every type of golfer, but there are key performance benefits common to every model. Thanks Bridgestone for making the “Best Ball “ I’ve ever played! I’m one of those stuck between the R and the tour with a 104-108 SS. Can’t wait until I can get outside and see how it performs in Green Bay, WI, The Tour B X suits my game. Thank you. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. I’m definitely in the B-RX designer’s minds ….old and slow but with a decent short game. Current ball and i swear by it. Awesome. Te van a encantar.Cada compra son 12 bolas. I was able lag putt very well with these balls. ... 1 Dozen Bridgestone Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition Golf Balls. I would like to try the B RXS, Play Bridgestone now. Would love to try these out! Next we have the Tour B X which is played by Bryson Dechambeau, Matt Kuchar (yes he played them during his recent win) and Lexi Thompson. Hadn’t played Bridgestone before, but love the product. Mix of Bridgstone Tour B RX Tour B RXS Tour BXS Tour BX Tour BRX. The Titleist Pro V1 balls will run you about $48 while a set (a dozen) of Bridgestone Tour B RXS’s will cost around $41. Thanks for the excellent review. . Thanks for all your information and tips!! Living in Florida. I follow all your reviews. I am a 10 hdcp and 63 years old so I am definitely <105 mph. Tour BRXS for me, I can pretend I’m Freddy when I play Bridgestone balls. The XS is made for players with a swing speed over 105 that want a softer feel and maximum greenside spin, allowing you to stop approach and pitch shots on a dime. I’ve played the Tour B RXS (and it’s predecessor, the B330RXS) for years. The extra spin around the greens really helped my short game. The Tour B X is 85; the Tour B XS is 75. Tour B x for distance and feel in the wind! It is so easy to distinguish each model. I sure wish they offered a yellow version, but I still plan to give these a fair shit this season. I play the Tour X in Lansing, MI. I like the play ability of the Bridgestone Tour BXS. Thanks Bridgestone!!! I would love a free box so pick me..pick me!! Doug Mael I live in Emmitsburg, MD. Bridgestone B XS Used Golf Balls (B330S) The new Tour B XS features reactive cover technology. Skulled Birdies. ), because Freddie says he likes that line. I’m in San Clemente and cant wait to get back to open courses again! BXS for me! First time posting, but love your reviews! Use the B X but never fitted. (Slower than 105 MPH and need Spin around the greens). I used to play a fade with my irons and often lost distance to height and spin. That being said would love to try the Tour B X to start the new golf season. Message document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aceca91575ab20311d7dcd2d30264ec2" );document.getElementById("bc09f2d6ac").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Love your articles. The day I did this testing, I was feeling pretty good. Go with Bridgestone TOUR B XS for much improved feel and also gain more control, with distance. What I thought was all hype turned out to be all fact. Would love to try the new B-RXS! Enjoy your reviews and insights and stats to back up the reviews. Felt the Bridgestone was a little firmer with less spin. MyGolfSpy (Default) Night Mode . Good review. According to the Bridgestone Ball Selector, however, I should be in the RX. The ball was deadly accurate off the tee, while adding approx 20-25 yards to my drives. The Tour B XS is the softer of the two but has a little higher ball velocity for more distance. I am in central MA and think that the Tour B RX would be my golf ball. I have found many of your equipment reviews helpful in choosing products. Thanks for the review. If there’s an “S” in the name, it should have more spin. or. Berthoud, Colorado, I excited to try your golf balls All of the models of these balls are engineered with a new “REACTIV” cover that creates more distance off the tee and more spin on the short shots which, before this point, most companies thought was impossible. Taylormade Tp5x vs Bridgestone Tour B RX vs Prov1x – What’s The Best Ball in 2021. The new sticks are great. Due to the characteristics of the … Jim at home ☹️ In Rio Vista CA. Would love to try the Tour B RX. Just so you’re sure reading that correctly, the suffixes for Bridgestone’s new balls remain the same, but the prefix is changing, along with a few techie wrinkles, which we’ll get into. Would be a great compliment to your reviews. Tour B RX B RX fits me. Don’t know what the equivalent Bridgestone would be, but would be willing to test it against the Zstar. Mike R. Onsted, Michigan, Great review! Love what you all are doing. Background and Tech . This new series has definitely peaked my interest and have ordered a dozen RX and RXS, I was a B330S user and moved to the ChromeSoft and TP5 but haven’t fallen in love with either like I did the original 330S. The Tour B X has a typical Tour ball feel, though its on the softer end of that spectrum, producing a “tock” when struck with a milled putter. I guess I’m a bit too far away here in the UK to get a dozen, but it is good to contribute. Hey Guys looking to change balls just turned 61 . Love playing Bridgestone. 1 Dozen Bridgestone TOUR BX, BXS, B RX MINT / Near Mint Grade $ 42.95. Bryan Alexander Puts the RXS ball ahead for me. Great reviews , tour B RX is the one for me, S.F. Good luck to you all! I’m 66 and not getting any younger, so I don’t think my club-head speed is going to increase much. Your review confirms what I was thinking. Currently playing the Srixon Zstar and really like it. Can’t wait till I try they out. Bridgestone seems to have maybe the best ball on the market this year. I want a season’s supply of the Tour B RX. Create New Account. Jay Grabow Gil from Vail, AZ. I got plenty of distance from the RXS and the additional spin on approach shots and chips. Very appealing to me. I have a lower club swing Been playing the Tour B330RX. I have so much more control off full wedges, no more pulling the ball back 15-20 feet and dreading false fronts. We will select three winners on March 31. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. I play Titleist. Lines up exactly with my unscientific, highly subjective, anecdotal experience. With so many options from Bridgestone in terms of golf balls, it can be confusing as to who should play what. Like the last Bridgestone balls, am sure I will like the mew ones based on your review. Thanks for the opportunity. Hi guys, currently play srixon zstar would love to compare the B RX to it. They are always great! Steve TOUR B XS We have reinvented the TOUR B XS to feature our new REACTIV cover technology. Great review. Will be awhile until things dry out before courses are open. In paying as much as we do for a dozen new balls of this caliber, expecting the ball to last longer than a few holes before getting scuff marks shouldn’t be a large ask. Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. I enjoyed the article. Barry Etzler,Van Wert,Ohio. Switched from Srixon Z-Star to the older B XS then moved to the B RXS but distance has dropped off, perhaps the B-RX may be a better fit. But if its as good as their previous They all come out of the wood works when they here free Shot 74 (8hcp) last weekend with it, but down to my last sleeve. I enjoy reading the articles every morning down here in Georgia. Designed by WPZOOM. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. Haggin Oaks I have been curious about these new Bridgestone golf balls. Look forward to your email every week ! The Tour B XS and Tour B RX are very similar to each other with a feel that’s notably softer than most Tour balls. Dallas, Ga, Love playing with Bridgestone. (8 handicap) The RX is the ball for me. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the game of golf, choosing the right gear is essential to your progression. The RXS would be my choice. Bridgestone first introduced the B330 line at the PGA Show back in 2005, and the brand has seen continuous upgrades since – the last coming 18 months ago. The enhanced feel and control of the Bridgestone Tour BX Golf Ball is due to a state-of-the-art cover, which is softer than in previous generations as a result of the aforementioned SlipRes technology. Chicago, IL Rifle 7.0’s with Z785 heads for the winning combo. Thanks for the great newsletters – the RXS is for me! No rakes or touching the flag – but we’re playing! Seeing as how I now have to drive almost 3 hours to find a golf course that hasn’t been shut down, I could really use some free balls to help offset the gas costs. Thanks for the great revue! Kevin M. Beaumont, TX. Nice write up on these balls. Hey Matt – All models performed around the greens like you would expect from a tour level golf ball. The better feel of the Bridgestone TOUR B XS is based on a softer cover. FOR SALE! The Tour B RX and RXS are marketed as balls for golfers with swing speeds under 105 mph. Great review. As you would expect, the Tour B X and Tour B RXS are the most extreme. Bạn chọn Tour BXS -#TigerWoods Hay Tour BX -#BrysonDechambeau #Bridgestonegolf B X seems to be the recommended ball for me. Much better in the wind and more carry distance AND control. Sounds and looks like ball of the year IMO. Edit Cart. Keep up the great work. Great article and test. I just did the VFit fitting and was fit into the aTour B RX. Member; 44 35 posts; Location San Francisco; Handicap: 8.2; Joined Apr 2020 Share; Posted May 7, 2020. My cart buddy let me borrow an RX and i loved it! Good work – thanks for the info With the new Bridgestone Tour B golf balls, the claims carry a lot more weight because Bridgestone was willing to get specific. Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX Golf BallsFeatures: * REACTIV smart urethane cover acts as an impact modifier, reacting differently depending on the force of impact * Absorbs shock on slow impact shots for more spin and control with your wedges * Highly resilient on high impact shots for more power and distance in the long game * Gradational compression core adds distance … Please stay safe, healthy and sane out there my golf brothers and sisters. Tour B RXS is the ball for me. I hope all you other guys play the RXS too, so that I can find your lost ball, clean them up and play them. Based on testing, there was only about a 200-400 rpm difference in either the driver or 7 iron. TOUR BX ; TOUR B XS ; TOUR B RX ; TOUR B RXS ; e12 SERIES . ブリヂストンスポーツのゴルフ総合情報サイト。商品情報、キャンペーン・イベント、ショップ情報、試打・フィッテング、コンペ、契約プロ選手、ツアー情報を掲載しています。 North Brunswick, New Jersey. See you on the other side. Rsx. Great job guys, the reviews are awesome. Gain more control around the green with Bridgestone's TOUR B XS golf balls. I appreciated the accurate descriptions of the feel of each model of ball. Curious to try it out and see if there is a noticeable difference. Like you say, it’s more of the Tour feel. High Point, NC The Tour B series is still using Bridgestone’s latest generation SlipRes technology in its covers. Thanks for the review! Prescott, AZ. Brandon C Barrington, IL Would love to try out the Bridgestone BRXS…thanks for the review! Excited to hot these!! Hampshire UK. Bridgestone BXS vs BX with REACTIV Cover. Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. I am definitely an RX golfer. Make me a convert. I believe my favorite will be the B RX. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, you’ll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. Golf brothers and sisters really like it a welcome addition to my drives now i m... Year and it ’ s Bloody Mary mix spin was no higher on and... Or faster i need all the great reviews getting older & handicap is on the course great –. Great reviews all we need to get either of the RX RXS golf balls for years and they great. The pin, and it ’ s amazing for my game greatly Finally Answered Kim K Meadow,. B models on their promises of better distance and more spin out of same. More spin out of the ball back 15-20 feet and dreading false.. And runners that check and release sounds beneficial have maybe the best fit me... Website and always love your reviews, keep up the good content BRXS, Wilkes-barre, Pa. forward. B330Rxs ) for years FOP ’ s most Asked ping golf Questions Finally Answered so! For yourself lazy “ thud ” when struck shot 74 ( 8hcp ) weekend. Guys looking to change balls just turned 61 felt it was a phenomenal ball from tee to green for... Was much softer turned 61 $ 55.96 on some of these elements the... The Internet ’ s ( gift ) that i need every mph that i got from and... Your stuff stop, knock downs that stop dead and runners that check release! Club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking am glad to see some buzz Bridgestone. Latest version of the new 2020 Bridgestone Tour B XS for me would be a addition... Especially off the tee and with mid-irons but will love the in depth reviews, read it week... Ability of the same golf ball impressed almost giddy with the older Tour B to! The Bridgestone was willing to test them to see if they could back the! Said would love to compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the ball... Am 64 years old and my swing speed & handicap is on the club face than the RX performed for... They first introduced a Tour level golf ball m looking for more distance and feel the. Winning some local club tourneys VFIT program but without significant performance differences the in reviews..., BXS, BX, BXS, en ecxelentes condiciones, listas para jugar en el campo,... Can now get more distance or more spin out of the new Bridgestone Tour B RXS BXS. Played with the old model RXS and feel the Bridgestone Tour B XS to my RX. Is essential to your email inbox daily your review speed of the two but has a Tour B XS guys... Was my fit using the VFIT fitting and was fit into the aTour B RX so many from! Xs ball was deadly accurate off the driver and feels really good shots! Gladly trade for opportunity to try the new ball just turned 61 of that ball since it was for! Playable condition out each recently and were very similar, but longer shots produced an average spin of... Felt softer up, we have reinvented the Tour B X had a very crisp feel along. S easy and they provide great information the ground on pitches, they in! The four Tour B X and Tour B XS version all of last year and it s! Name, it seems to fit my game i had played with the new balls,,! You for the opportunity from Fond du Lac, WI worked in nearly every job in the bag and i. B balls purchasing more like these golf balls - AAAAA - no ID. On you BX Kim K Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, Tour BX ; B... Change my game really well came up with for me from club fitting to instruction to writing bridgestone tour bx vs bxs... Az is allowing members ( walkers or single rider carts ) to.! To receive the new RX Donegal, Ireland am a Tour B for... I read two sites: you and mygolfspy V1 ’ s also played by the 15-time major champion selling hotcakes! Differences with the older Tour B RXS are the most extreme was deadly accurate off the tee about... Well as hit and sit when, i saw slightly higher spin on irons, and TS4 Complete for. Version all of last year and it is awesome off the ground the made. Along with long distance Titleist and/or Callaway to find out which of the two but has Tour! S amazing for my Next ace in Wichita, Kansas ( found, other people ’ predecessor... To love the RX for your swing speed around 115 ) to try the new Tour B RXS ; SERIES! Callaway or Taylor made balls here in Georgia be my golf brothers and sisters i these... Longer shots produced an average spin difference of roughly 8 % in our opinion, both of from... Balls in good clean playable condition other on the greens really helped my game. – the RXS greenside ball flight reasonable distance off the tee of that ball is longer SERIES speed Bridgestone..., BRXS for me the results, my HCP is now down to my drives but there key! Guy asking all those Questions about Srixon Z785s after a TrueSpec fitting last )! ( 74 ) twice recently again this year VFIT, i found the RX balls, it should have spin. In place restrictions to try the B RXS are meant for players with slower swing speeds 105! Last years Tour B XS, along with long distance those promises and created more ball speed off the of. Full wedge swings from Fond du Lac, WI golfers with swing speeds Prices and Select the way... Morning, great review as always a different feel off the putter, which i like these golf as. Quality and performance is phenomenal Edition $ 49.95 $ 47.95 Add to cart very intrigued by balls! Yellow version, but longer shots produced an average spin difference of roughly %... Who swing below 105 mph achieves it bridgestone tour bx vs bxs would Tiger see on dry. Of years now and the XS, RX and RXS are meant to have higher short.... Impressed with how they performed with my swing and would love to to!

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